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Many people do not realize that nursing assistants have a lot of the same roles and duties as nurses. They work to offer help to patients, monitor vital signs, make sure treatment plans are being followed, and provide comfort to patients and their families. The major difference is that nurse assistant training is much more affordable and less time-consuming than nursing school.

What Will It Be Like?

When working as a nursing assistant, you will enjoy the same respect as any other member of the health care team. You will also receive many of the same rewards, such

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as a comfortable income and the chance to bring joy and relief to patients as you improve their quality of life. Nursing assistants often have the benefit of having the most one-on-one time with patients and their families, making this a great career for anyone who loves getting to know new people.

Know the Difference

In order to be the best assistant possible, you will need the best nurse assistant training. Fortunately, there are many online schools that offer degree programs that can get you working in no time. However, it is important to be able to know which schools will give you a quality education and which are not worth your time.
This is why we have done the research for you, and found all of the best online nurse assistant training programs. When building this list, we looked for schools that have been helping students for many years and have built a strong reputation. We want you to be able to find online schools that will work with your schedule and provide skills that will help you get a job soon after you are finished.

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At, you will find a list of the most popular online degree programs that we know have been successful for nursing students in the past. Feel free to browse this list, get to know more about the nurse assistant training schools and programs, and request more information from the school if you are interested. You can also use the search feature in the top right corner of the page if you are looking for an online school with specific characteristics.

Popular Schools Offering Online Nursing Assisting Programs:


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